Monopoly Pub Crawl

Perth Monopoly Pub Crawl, the video below is rather self explanatory (with the specific rules detailed underneath the video itself). A few Saturdays ago Jay and I decided we’d take it upon ourselves to do the inaugural Perth Monopoly Pub/Landmark Crawl. It entailed all of Perth’s hotspots and sights, a 6am alarm, 50 cans of delicious Somersby cider, a bottle of Jose’s finest tequila, $11 Op shop bought suits, a disgruntled but hilarious chauffer for the day and a whole heap of weird looks from innocent bystanders. Have a look at the hilarity that ensued…


The general rules were simple, consume a beverage at each of the 22 landmarks around the Perth Monopoly board. We opted for cider as our poison of choice, and shotgunning as our style for maximum speed and efficiency. We also decided to further challenge ourselves by actually doing them in a game based order, by rolling a dice at each destination post cider to tell us where we would crawl to next. Yes this got very tricky when Rottnest Island got involved. If we landed on a utility (Perth Airport, etc) or landmark we had already conquered we would roll again until we had our new target. A big shout out goes to Crocodile for driving us around and putting up with our shenanigans all day and our old pal Steinlager for helping out on camera duties.


  1. I thought you were doing something funny and cool until you mistook Parliament House for Council House.
    Next time you attempt something clever, do your research, otherwise you and your sponsors look like idiots.

    • Thank you for the correction Ruby. My apologies to our sponsors, we were a few drinks deep by that stage. Distinguishing the WACA from Subiaco also proved challenging, as did doing up my zipper. I am however, glad that is the only reason you think we look like idiots..

  2. I’ve always wanted to do the London Monopoly Pub Crawl but never seem to end up with much spare time when I’m in the capital. Maybe I’ll have to give this one a go instead, although hats off to you for including Rottnest… shortest trip there ever?

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